We welcome your dream of becoming an IITian / Doctor

PARTH ASHRAM'S formula for success is based on the belief that “there is a Winner in every student waiting to be discovered”. PARTH ASHRAM brings together the most eminent trainers, the most comprehensive study material and a highly focussed, uniquely intensive training methodology.
At PARTH ASHRAM all faculty members have very rich experience of training students for IIT-JEE / AIIMS / AIPMT in top most institutes in India. Our motto is loud and clear “TOP CLASS TEACHING WITH TOP CLASS TEACHERS AND THAT TOO WITH CARE".
In today’s competitive world, preparedness is the key to success. It's even true in case ofcompetitive entrance examinations like JEE (Main & Advanced) / AIIMS / AIPMT. Here you have to battle it out with the best of brains and the one who Wins will be the one who is better equipped, fully armed and fiercely trained with proven skills and the perfect temperament of a true champion. That's what PARTH ASHRAM intends to do to young aspirants like you “groom and guide you to your cherished goal” more thoroughly, more systematically, more effectively and with infinitely more dedication. ln fact, there is no other institution that’s anywhere close to PARTH ASHRAM, in the richness of experience, reputation for integrity.

Why Parth Ashram?

Some one asked me, What is the real meaning of Parth? Parth definitely means Arjuna... the greatest archer of all time. But Lord Krishna used to call him “Parth”. Its because Parth in reality means “one who does not miss target”. So it will be a humble and sincere effort to make PARTH ASHRAM a place where students learn not to miss their targets.

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